The Criterion to Consider When Buying A New Car

The Criterion to Consider When Buying A New Car

Having a personal car has become a necessity these days. Because these vehicles have made travel very convenient. When you are purchasing a new car, you need to consider many factors. The car needs to fulfil your demands and needs. There are the following factors/criterion you need to consider before buying a car.

  1. Research

People do not buy a car as if they are purchasing any household item. Buying a car is an investment, so you need to do thorough research before buying a car.

Several studies have shown that 80% of car buyers use the internet to research cars and their values. Moreover, they utilize 10-15 hours in doing so, and they usually take 4-5 months to make a decision. Therefore, you must do research and take wise steps before buying a new car. Aside from internet research, you must visit the market to know what’s trending and what’s worth purchasing. Research the vehicles you want to buy.

  1. Budget

The most crucial thing in getting a new car is your budget. You must establish your budget and make sure how much you can spend on a vehicle. Your budget will determine the model and type of car you want to buy. You must have a well-drafted budget before purchasing a car. Also, decide your mode of payment. Some people pay cash, but most of the people tend to finance others use leasing or other options.

  1. New car Vs Used car

Once your budget has decided then, you need to think either you want a new car or used car. It depends on your budget. If your budget is low, then you can purchase a used car as they are cheaper than new ones. Again, you need to research if you are getting a used car. 

You need to examine the condition or state of the car. You can also purchase a used car if its condition is good. You need to review the history of the vehicle to examine whether the vehicle has gone through any damage. Otherwise, you can purchase a new car depending on your budget.

  1. Consider the car best suited for you

It is crucial to know the difference between your needs and desires. For example, if you are single and your inner child wants a sports car, but you are a student as well. So, you need to make rational decisions that will fulfil your needs rather than getting regrets. 

Similarly, if you have a family, then, you need to get a car that can accommodate your family. In this way, you can get long-term satisfaction. You can only fulfil your desires if you have bank balance for them.

  1. Quality

It refers to the durability of the car, its components and accessories over time. Vehicles that have high quality will have few problems like wearing, paint peeling, rubber seals and rattling noises, etc. These days’ technological features have many issues such as reverse parking, navigation, adaptive cruise control and telematics system. 

Any newly designed vehicle will experience problems during the first year after the launch. So, you need to wait and see the reviews of the recently launched vehicle. It is recommended that you must wait for the second year before buying a car.

  1. Selection of a car

When you are aware of your budget and know the type of car that will fulfil your needs, now you need to decide what you want in your vehicle? Like color or technology. Almost 50% of all the car buyers purchase car’s model based on their previous experience. These people are brand loyalists.

However, those who are finding something different to drive will compare vehicles. They will narrow down their choices to 3-5 models. Next, they will see prices, reviews, ratings and make comparisons.

Moreover, you need to select a vehicle based on fuel consumption. You must choose a car that has less fuel consumption because it will be economical. Fuel-efficient cars can save you money.

  1. Test drives

Now it’s time to visit different dealership and conduct test drives. You can examine various factors like speed, comfort levels, handling properties and in-vehicle technology. Moreover, you can compare and selects the colours as you are very closely observing the car. Once you have reached this step, you can relax as the hard part is over.

  1. Cost of ownership

When you are purchasing a new car, you need to consider additional ownership cost. The price of insurance, fuel and maintenance can be increased over the years. It must not be more than 15% to 20% of your total monthly budget.

When you have your perfect car, and it’s budget-friendly as well. Now, you need to know how much insurance will cost. It will depend on various factors to get premium insurance. The main factor is the driving record that decides how much you will pay.

Before buying a car, you must check your insurance company how much their rates will be increased. The premium can be improved, depending on the model of your vehicle. If the car is expensive then, the cost of insurance will be more. The fuel-efficient vehicle can decrease your cost of ownership.


No doubt, having a luxurious car is a status symbol, and we can impress others. However, you need to be rational and take smart decisions before buying a car. Because a car is a lifetime investment and you need to consider the following points when you are purchasing a vehicle. 

A car is a valuable vehicle that will make your transportation convenient. The closer it will meet your needs, the more it is suitable for you. Therefore, shopping for a car requires patience and you need to be cautious when you are finding a new car.


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