The Necessity to Install a Car Alarm System

The Necessity to Install a Car Alarm System


Your car is your important possession. So, it is necessary to take preventive measures to protect it from car theft. In the United States, approximately 2,385 cars are theft every day. It means around 873,080 vehicles per year. Many cars come with a built-in car alarm system but it is necessary to update it with the latest one.

With the advancement of technology, thieves and robbers get advanced tools to bypass the security system of the car. So, it is necessary to buy the most advanced car alarm system for the maximum security of your vehicle. In Katy, Katy Kar Audio is a reliable place to buy and install such systems in your car.

Why you should install an alarm system in your car?

The car alarm system produces a voice to alert the owners if someone tries to break into their cars. Most of them also have a tracker to track down your lost car. Apart from saving your car from theft, car alarm systems also provide several benefits. Let’s have a look at them.

·       Safety from theft

There is little chance of them if you have installed the latest car alarm system in your vehicle. As the thieves find it difficult to target such cars which are difficult to steal. So, your car remains safe. If someone even tries to break into it, the loud sound will frighten them away. Enjoy your day while leaving your car in the parking lot.

·       Protects your valuables

It is now a common trend to install the latest systems like audio systems, navigation systems, and so on in cars. Such cars are more prone to theft because such systems are costly. So, thieve are attracted to those cars more frequently than the cars with the factory system. The car alarm system is the best way to protect your car from theft. Hence, you feel safe leaving some of your valuable things in the car.

·       Car tracking

If you still lost your car, there is something that a car alarm system can do to help you. Besides alarm systems, these systems also have built-in trackers. The trackers can locate your car in case of theft. You can also keep a record of where someone drove your car at any time.

·       Immobilization of the car

Some thieves are too expert in stealing the alarms that security cameras or car alarm systems do not have any effect on them. They are never going to be diverted from their mission unless something forces them to. The immobilization feature of a car alarm system is the best thing to mend their ways. On activation, these alarm systems prevent the starting of the engine and immobilize it.

·       Remote start option

This is the best feature of the car alarm system besides just saving your car from theft. You can turn it on by pushing a button on the remote transmitter. On a cold winter morning, you can remotely start your car to turn on the heater. So, the temperature rises to a comfortable level before you get into your car. At night, in any deserted place, it will help you to leave the place as soon as possible. So, it is beneficial not only for the safety of your car but yourself too.

·       Less insurance cost

The car alarm system decreases the risk of stealing your car. It is a major indicator of the safety and security of your vehicle. Many car insurance policies give you a major discount on your car insurance if you have installed an alarm system in your vehicle. Therefore, you have to pay less amount for insurance than a person who has to pay whose car is without any security system.

·       Increased resale value

Many people choose to install high-end systems in their cars if they are planning to resale them after some time. Hence, these systems increase the market value of your car. Many people tend to buy second-hand cars equipped with such latest systems, so they do not have to worry about the safety of their cars.

If you are looking for something reasonable and high-quality to install in your car, Katy Kar Audio is the right place for you. We can help you to get the best systems installed in your car as we deal in the top brands and their high-quality products. These are something worth spending your money on.

·       Control application

The car alarm system is mostly compatible with a smartphone application to control it remotely. You can secure your car according to the scenarios. These applications enable the users to remotely on and off the car alarm system. So, turn it on if you sense something uncommon or unsafe. This safety equipment gives you peace of mind because you know that your car is safe.

Final words

These are some of the reasons why is it a wise choice to install the car alarm system in your car. It not only keeps your valuables safe but is also beneficial for your safety. Apart from installing such systems in the car, never avoid the necessary precautionary measures to keep your valuables safe. Always Park your car in a well-lit place that has security cameras installed. It will definitely keep the thieves away.


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