Almost all of us wish to listen to music as we drive to our destination. Having a remarkable music system for your car does not only help you enjoy your favorite tunes, but it also enhances your experience. Music is known to lift us when we feel low after a long day at the office, so why not install speakers that are most suitable for your ride. 

A lot of features go unnoticed by people when they are shopping for car speakers simply because of a lack of awareness. It is better to know exactly what you need as it enables you to stick to a budget. 

No one wants to install expensive sub-woofers and amplifiers that do not let you listen to the lyrics and only give a huge bass sound. There are thousands of options to choose from, all with different advantages, shapes, sizes, and features. 

Which one is best for you depends on two things; your knowledge of speakers and the depth of your pockets? However, you can find a good sound system at a reasonable price if you look hard enough. 

Let’s take a look at all the features a buyer of car speakers must keep in mind while shopping; 


The power handling of the speakers helps you understand how much power it can handle, and to be fully aware of this, one must know about RMS ratings. These ratings help in measuring how much power a speaker can handle, not for a specific amount of time but daily. 

A low-powered sound system does not require as much power handling speakers like the high-powered ones. If you wish to install powerful amplifiers and woofers, then you must get high-powered speakers; otherwise, the whole system could be rendered useless.  

Always ask the sellers about the maximum RMS power handling of the speakers you are getting as it gives you a good insight into the system. Being aware of the power handling of your speakers can save you a lot of money and help you listen to all kinds of music without having to adjust the equalizer for different genres accordingly.  


This helps in measuring the degree of sound speakers produce in response to the power that is applied. If your sound system is a low-powered one like those installed by car manufactures, then it is advisable to get speakers with sensitivity ratings over 90db. 

In contrast, a high-power sound system requires speakers with lower sensitivity ratings. Often people are seen purchasing low sensitivity speakers to match them with external amplifiers and sub-woofers. The importance of sensitivity of the speakers is usually neglected, and people aim to make sure that the sound of the bass in their music is higher than the vocals. 

A good sound system is the one with fantastic sound quality, thus, making every single part of the song fully audible to the listeners.  


As you start visiting different sellers looking for the perfect speakers to install in your car, you will find that there are two different types of speakers available; full-range speakers and component speakers. 

A person needs to know the advantages and the disadvantages of both these types to make a right choice. We often buy speakers without enquiring much about them as the main focus is on sound quality. A speaker may give good sound, but it could also be a non-durable product that is not the most suitable one for your car.


Different parts are installed with speakers, for instance, tweeters and woofers. Full-range speakers come with all these highly significant parts, so you do not have to spend any additional money and waste time looking for the components. A woofer comes in handy for the lows while tweeters are installed for the highs of the music. 

It should be noted that these speakers are available in the markets in various sizes, all of which can easily be installed in the place of factory-installed speakers. You can carry out the replacement process of the speakers as well. 

All you need to do is remove the factory-installed speakers, connect the new ones to the wiring, and then mount them in their place. While shopping, you are likely to come across all kinds of full-range speakers at different prices and power range. There are a few models that come with drivers like super tweeters and midrange, also known as a squawker. 


This is a system whose fantastic sound quality is the result of its superior design, as well as the separate elements that come with it. A regular component speaker system is available with separate woofers, tweeters, and external crossovers. 

These are all manufactured in a way that enables them to be operational together and provide remarkable sound quality. A benefit of installing a component sound system is that it makes your songs sound more live. How? This is because the tweeters are separate from the woofers so you can quickly put them anywhere in the car, for instance, the dashboard. 

These are normally purchased by people with a big budget and a need to listen to a more detailed sound in their cars. Moreover, the component speakers ought to be made out of good material that makes them durable and capable of producing excellent sound quality. 


This is another essential factor that determines the sound quality and the durability of your speakers. Being unaware of this makes you vulnerable to buying a poor sound system that wears out within a year. 

The different elements of the speakers are made out of different kinds of materials, so let’s take a look at all of them. 


Woofers made out of a stiff but lightweight material will be able to produce the low notes of your songs effectively. The woofer cones of both the full-range speakers as well as the component speakers are made of polypropylene, which is a type of a synthetic film. Polypropylene and mica are mixed together to give a perfect and accurate sound of the bass. 

Other materials like woven fabrics and synthetics covered with aluminum or titanium are also used to manufacture woofers of the highest quality. The materials used in woofers must be able to handle all kinds of temperatures along with moisture, as it makes them durable. 


The surround is the most essential element that should be considered while installing woofers. They allow the woofers to move freely without any pressure and produce a much bolder bass. Surrounds made from rubber are very high in demand, but foam and cloth are also usable and costs lesser. Again, the temperature changes must have zero effect on the durability of the surrounds. 


There are different forms of tweeters made from different kinds of materials available in the market. Which ones you decide to buy depends on the quality of sound you wish to have. 

If your desire is to enjoy a mellow and refined sound, then go with the ones made from softer materials like silk, textile blends, and poly. However, to enjoy sharper high notes, one should get the tweeters that are made out of harder materials like metal, ceramics, or graphite. 


  1. Install pivoting tweeters with full-range speakers to be able to turn them toward the listeners. 
  2. Use two different cables to connect the tweeters and the woofers to an amplifier so both of them are able to receive the right amount of amplification. 
  3. Always use external crossovers, especially if you are installing component speakers so that the frequencies sent to the tweeters and woofers are entirely separated. This will increase the efficiency of your sound system while also giving a clean sound. 
  4. Speakers with detachable tweeters are available for those who wish to use the same speakers in another car. 
  5. Use the bass blockers in case you are installing small speakers as they eliminate any low frequencies to make the speakers more efficient.


People are often unsatisfied with the sound system of their car even though they have taken out the factory-installed system and put in an aftermarket sound system. This is due to the lack of knowledge of what is suitable for your car and what kind of speakers will satisfy your needs. 

The features, specifications, and essential guidelines mentioned in this article should be considered every time you go to the shop to get a replacement for your sound systems. 

Most people do not pay much attention to the minor details like the material of the speakers and their power handling ability. Ignoring this information will only make you buy an inefficient sound system that will work wonderfully in the beginning but will start showing signs of deterioration within a few months. 

Such a sound system is likely to stop working within a year, so choose wisely if you want to listen to your favorite artists on your way to work.


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