Tips and Guide to Buy an Audio System for Your Car

Tips and Guide to Buy an Audio System for Your Car

We all wish to listen to our favorite artists, whether we are driving with friends or going to work in the morning. Generally, a lot of people are not completely satisfied with their car’s audio system installed by the manufacturer. Therefore, they decide to either replace the whole system or just the speakers to improve the sound quality. 

What a person must understand is that selecting the right car audio system is a bit challenging but not impossible. There are a few essential tips that a person must keep in his/her mind while shopping for a car audio system to have an enjoyable listening experience on the road. 

The compatibility of different car audio systems varies from one vehicle to another; hence, it is necessary to be aware of what goes well with your car. Let’s take a look at the things you should keep in mind while replacing or installing a new stereo. 

Assessing Your Needs

The first step is to ask yourself about what kind of speakers will satisfy you. While some people require a big bass to listen to loud EDM music, some prefer a medium bass speaker. Similarly, a lot of people wish to turn their car into a concert venue where the music sounds like its playing live. In contrast, most of us prefer a lighter sound quality that helps us relax after a tiring day at the office or college. Having an idea of what kind of a car audio system will satisfy your needs will save a lot of time and money. An excellent way to understand your needs is to listen to the currently installed audio system and see what’s missing. 

Choosing the Speakers

There are several components in a car audio system, but the most important one is the speakers. It is said that all the other parts, like amplifiers and woofers, are only there to support the speakers. There are several models of speakers available in the market, so take your time and only choose the best ones for your car. 

Kenwood, Pioneer, Rockford, and JBL are some of the most popular brands of speakers available in the market. A car’s design determines whether a person should buy the full-range speakers that come with parts like tweeters and woofers or the component speakers in which all other parts come separately. 

Here are the features to look for while purchasing speakers for a car audio system;

  • Power handling: This helps in understanding how much power the speakers can handle. It is advisable to get high-powered speakers if you are planning to install power amplifiers and woofers. 
  • Sensitivity: This helps in measuring the degree of sound speakers produce in response to the power that is applied. A low-powered car audio system operates well with speakers that have sensitivity ratings of 90db. 
  • Materials: The kind of materials used to manufacture the speakers you are installing determines the sound quality to a great extent. Lightweight speakers effectively produce the low notes in a song while speakers made out of synthetics produce a perfect bass sound. 

Apart from these, some other features to be aware of are RMS ratings and the frequency range of the speakers. Moreover, it is vital to do thorough research on the internet and do a survey of the market before making the final decision. 


Once you are done selecting the most efficient speakers for your car audio system, it is time to divert your attention toward the head unit as it is the most vital part of the whole system. There are various types of receivers available in the market that offer several functions to play music like Bluetooth connectivity, radio system, aux cord, and a CD player. 

In this modern time, it is advisable to install a touch screen head unit as it is much easier to use and brings a sense of style to the interior of the vehicle. 

Installing an Amplifier 

Before diving into any more details, we first need to understand the role of an amplifier in a car audio system. The amp is connected to receive a signal from the speakers and enlarge it to produce a high-quality sound. 

It enhances the whole experience of listening to music while driving. According to experts, one should install an amplifier with multiple channels so that it can be used to power other components of the car audio system. 

An ideal amplifier is expected to have five channels, out of which four are used for front and rear speakers while the last one is utilized for a woofer or a subwoofer.  


What will a subwoofer do? In simple words, it will produce an excellent bass sound to get you in the mood to either dance or bop your head to rap music or EDM. There are a few fundamental characteristics that you must look for while purchasing a subwoofer.  

  • Rating
  • Frequency range
  • Type 
  • Size 
  • RMS Power Handling 
  • Material (preferably something hard like mica) 

Box for The Subwoofer 

Simple putting the sub woofer in the trunk would affect its performance; hence, it is necessary to build a box with accurate dimensions or buy one from the market that suits your woofer. 

Final Words 

Shopping for a car audio system seems like a time-consuming task, but nothing good comes without working a bit hard for it. Keep the guidelines and information given above in your mind to enjoy your favorite tunes on the road. 


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