Tips for Car Care in Summers

Tips for Car Care in Summers

The season of blooming flowers, long days, and ad road trips is here. Yay for that thought, but what about your lovely car. You might want to have a look at the tips for car care in summers on the internet so that your car stays healthy and ready to make the roaring sound that everyone loves to hear.

The extreme heat and scorching temperatures in summers make your skin shady, and your insides dry. Now imagine what this temperature will do to your car’s interiors and exteriors. What we can offer you are some tips and tricks to take care of your car in summers.

Car Battery

For your car to get ready for the summers, you must take great care of the heart of your car; the battery.

If you own a conventional sedan or a family car, most probably, the battery installed will be a usual wet battery, which will have a transparent liquid inside each of the compartments. This liquid evaporates at a higher rate in summers than in winters, and you will have to keep a watchful eye on the f. You can purchase a bottle of this liquid from your local superstore or gas station nearby. 

However, if you have a hybrid car, electric car or if you have installed a dry battery in your conventional car, there will be much less probability that the battery will die. But as a precaution you must get your battery checked from your local trusted mechanic for anomalies.

Engine Oil and Oil Filter

A vital step in car care in summers is to check the engine oil and oil filter of your car. Engine oil shields your engine from wear and tear, maintaining a lubricant layer to keep the engine hydrated. The oil filter preserves the engine oil for a longer period from the external dirt, dust, and debris, thus saving the engine.

The best way to keep a constant check on your engine oil is to note down the mileage of your car during the oil change. Next, you must calculate the next milestone mileage of the oil change according to the description given on the package of the engine oil. 

Car Fluids 

In order to take good care of your car, you must make sure all the fluids in your car are up to the mark. Other car fluids include transmission fluid, steering fluid, braking fluid, and coolant. 

More often, the transmission fluid and the steering fluid run a longer period than engine oil as they do not get affected as much as the engine oil. Similarly, the braking fluid also needs to be kept in check for better car care. However, a hotter summer requires a good quality of coolant to keep your radiator cooling system from heating up. 

So next time you are planning for summers, check your car’s fluids so that your engine is in fine fettle.

Air-Conditioning System

You might agree with us on this one; the worst thing to happen in summers, for you and your car, is your air-conditioning giving up on you. 

The air cooling system must be protected to cope with the ordeal in the summers. The air-conditioning system will make your drive comfortable and your trip enjoyable. 

What you need to do is care for the dirt in your air filter, if the air filter has grey to black patches, then it is better to replace the filter. Next, you must take the car to the specialist and check for the condition of the condenser, the cooling gas, condenser coils, and the drain line clogs.

Tire, Brake Pads, And Lights

Every part of your car is designed for a specific purpose and is essential for the overall functionality of the car. Correspondingly, the tires, brake system, and the lights play an indispensable role in car care.

Maintaining an automaker-prescribed level of inflation in your car’s tires is essential. The reason for this is that the weight of the car and the passengers might damage the tires and the sidewall of the tire cap.

Checking the brake systems of the car is also very important while caring for the car. An expert must review the brake pads/shoes and discs for any punctures, cracks, or noises of any sort. 

It would help if you also made sure that the lights are cleaned and in a working condition so that no unforeseen event would take place.

My Advice

Now before you head into the sunset, go to your trusted mechanic and let them have a look at the condition of your car’s overall systems so that before leaving for an adventurous road trip, you and your car must be in a healthy state.


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