Night driving is fun but is equally dangerous. People enjoy driving at night because there is far less traffic on the road at that time. This allows you to reach your destination in a shorter time than normal. 

In addition to this, in summer nights are pretty much cooler than the days. Even in winter, night trips are really refreshing. However, there are many issues drivers have to face while driving at night. Night driving contributes to higher accident risks and heavy losses like severe injuries and increased death rates. Here are some tips that you can follow to drive safely at night.


Headlight – The Master Key:

Headlights play a vital role while driving at night. They spread the light all over the road which makes it easy for all the cars to see each other. Even at a distance, drivers can see the other car coming towards their vehicles. Similarly, the other drivers also find it easy to identify your car leading towards them. 

To obtain better results from the headlights, you must wipe them before starting your drive and always keep them clean. Also, they should be oriented correctly. Keep them well lit while driving. Carry out regular maintenance of your headlights so that they may not betray you when you need them the most and saving you from hefty fines.

Car Maintenance:

The most important task before going on a night drive is to make sure that you carry out your car maintenance on a regular basis. Doing so will always be helpful because it will prevent any type of breakdowns of the car. 

At night, you rarely find any assistance when needed. This is because there are fewer people on the road traveling at that time. So, you need to be all prepared by yourself. Also, don’t forget to check your toolbox whether you have all the tools present with you. Also, it would be a wise act to keep the first aid box with you in case you suffer a minor injury.

Caffeine Intake: 

Another excellent tip for safe driving at night is the intake of caffeine. It is scientifically proven that taking caffeine lowers your sleep time. No doubt, nights are meant for sleeping but driving demands staying awake and alert. 

Night driving is really a hard task for new drivers because you start feeling sleepy as per your usual time. Consuming caffeine helps you to stay up longer, and ultimately you are able to drive actively.

Clean Car, Clean Drive:

Another most important point to be kept in mind is cleanliness. You should always wipe your windscreen thoroughly before leaving for a drive. This allows you to have uninterrupted communication with the road environment. 

You feel it easy to see other cars, animals or obstacles on the road. Also, this reduces the glare effect produced by other cars. Headlights must also be cleaned to give proper light.

Maintain Distance:

Maintaining an appropriate distance with other cars is the essential requirement. This reduces the chances of accidents. A car following the appropriate distance at the right speed enjoys the safest drive. 

Always ensure that you have are on a considerable distance with the car ahead of you. If not followed, this may lead to serious accidents because the application of sudden breaks by the car in front of you will not leave you with enough time to divert your path.

Keep Toolbox With You:

Never forget to keep your toolbox with you before leaving for a night drive. At night, roads are not that busy, there is less traffic, shops and markets are closed, and no mechanics are available.  So, you have to assist yourself all by yourself. Be your own mechanic. And use your mechanical skills If your car accidentally stops on the road. Also, always keep yourself prepared for the bad times. Having basic mechanical knowledge is a must for all drivers.

Maintain Appropriate Speed:

While driving, keep this tag line in mind; “over speeding kills.” Avoid racing at night. Keep your speed balanced according to the road type you are driving on. Make sure you have the speed meter fit in your car and it is always working. Also, keep your speed slow if you are a beginner, and you are new to night drives. 

Follow Traffic Rules:

Always follow traffic rules whether it is day or night, because traffic rules are for your own safety. Over speeding may result in fatalities. Moreover, be careful when taking over. Keep your headlights lit when it’s dark. Maintain the appropriate speed. Make sure that you are wearing a seat belt while driving.

If not careful, driving at night can be incredibly dangerous. Therefore, follow these tips to drive safely.


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