Upgrade Radio in Your Classic Car – Radio Installation Services in Katy

Upgrade Radio in Your Classic Car – Radio Installation Services in Katy

Upgrade Radio in Your Classic Car- Radio Installation Services in Katy


When you own a classic car, it is a great achievement as a car enthusiast. It gives you a sense of victory being an honor of one. If you have modified your car, then it is even more exciting.

After you have modified or kept it in its original shape, one thing that can be done, and sometimes it is mandatory, is to upgrade your car Radio system to a modern one. Some of the audio systems in a classic car have outdated audio. Everything looks good in its original shape in a classic car, but the radio must be changed as it does not go with the car anymore and doesn’t run perfectly.

So, At KatyKars Texas, we have quite a range of Radio systems that you can install in your classic cars. That will give you a perfect sound and a new vibe to your car as you can enjoy your ride even more than before. 

Although moving beyond AM radio may be the major motive for upgrading a historic automobile radio, newer replacements can provide more. You may be able to use capabilities like Bluetooth hands-free calling, wirelessly streaming audio files or internet radio, or Direct iPod control. In addition to other audio sources, such as listening to music from a USB stick or putting in an MP3 player via an aux input.

You can connect these radio systems to your favorite Apple and Android devices with the latest connectivity options. Let’s dig into the radio options and how you install a modern one in your classic cars.

Updating A Classic Car Stereo System Strategies

When it comes to replacing and installing your historic automobile radio system, you have a few options:

Installation Beneath Dashboard

In rare situations, the vehicle radio system can be installed beneath the dashboard of your historic automobile. 

This allows you to preserve your dashboard’s traditional appearance and feel while listening to a modern vehicle radio. 

Because you’re attempting to cram an ill-fitting item into a gorgeous automobile, the consequence is that it may appear disorderly. 

You can also have trouble getting the wiring right because there won’t be much space for mistakes during installation.

Stereo System With Hideaway

A hideaway stereo system is a car radio concealed from view, either beneath the dashboard, behind a seat, or in the glove box. 

This also allows you to retain your old vehicle radio in place, preserving the vintage look of your interior. 

The disadvantage is that you will need to utilize a remote control or your smartphone to activate the stereo.

Remove Entire Dashboard

A severe alternative is to replace the entire dashboard. It involves removing the faceplate and old sound system and replacing it with a new one. This will alter the interior’s appearance and feel. But the contrast between an older automobile and a cutting-edge dashboard may occasionally produce an intriguing aesthetic.

Some of the radio options that are Available at KatyKars

USA-630 \svech 7 630\s59ford\s Optional:

This variant comes with an iPod interface.

This is the radio you’ve been seeking if you want to maintain your dash’s traditional aesthetic but demand the amazing sound that today’s contemporary electronics can provide. 

This AM/FM Stereo has many features, such as:

  • It includes a huge 240 Watts (460) of power.
  • It also has Auxiliary Input for iPod, MP3, satellite radio, and other audio devices. 
  • Power Antenna Lead 
  • 4 Channel RCA Pre-Outs 
  • Electronic Tuner 
  • CD Changer Controller
  • Separate Bass/Treble Controls 
  • 25 Pre-Sets 
  • The radio buttons will control all functionalities of the 10-Disc CD Changer available on the CD options page.

It should be noted that this radio does not have a tape player.


It’s usable in any vehicle with a DIN number (approx). It has the following features:

  • Electronic Audio Control, all functions 
  • From 84 onwards, most international and local automobiles are included. 
  • 4 x 40 watts 
  • ESP-Electronic Shock Protection 
  • Fold-down & full detachable face panel 
  • It is the first CD player with a traditional design! 
  • CLASSICS & STREET RODS have also been trimmed for DIN radios (single CD players). 
  • AM/FM PLL Tuning Radio 
  • USB jack on the front panel.
  • RCA pre-out (1 PAIR) for rear amplifier 
  • Full Electronic Loading CD/MP3 DECK 
  • Full Detachable Front Panel that Folds Down – Available in Chrome or Black.
  • Radio opening measures 7.2′′ X 2.11′′! 
  • Front Panel AUX in Jack 
  • CD/MP3 Compatible 

Radios with a Slidebar

Custom Autosound’s latest innovation in the hunt for the ultimate old automobile radio is the Slidebar Radio. Move the “slidebar” to the right to show a full-featured digital display that replaces the traditional AM radio display. 

The huge OEM style push buttons give a traditional dash a flawless look. Now you may have a radio that not only looks and sounds amazing in your historic car but also connects you to today’s current audio.

Although it has a traditional appearance, it contains the most up-to-date technological amenities, such as an iPod dock. Artists, songs, albums, and playlists may all be accessed using the radio’s buttons. 

This fantastic feature allows you to keep your iPod hidden in your glove box or your pocket.With all the modern options and classic looks, slide bar radio is also one of the most attractive buys from KatyKar Texas. 


KatyKar Texas is the home of modifications, and when it comes to modifying the classic one, nothing is better than that. We provide the best upgrading services for your Radio systems at KatyKar, enabling you to use all the modern options with the classic looks intact to your beauty.

We have the best of lot engineers that work on your car so profoundly that no one can tell whether it is original or changed. At KatyKar, we believe in Quality, and Quality is what we serve. So, enthusiasts, what are you waiting for? 

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