Ways To Protect Your Car from Auto Theft

Ways To Protect Your Car from Auto Theft


What would you feel if you return to your car and find out that someone has stolen the things you left in it or the car is entirely missing? You will contact the police and try to search for it as soon as possible. Definitely, your car is one of your most valuable belongings. You could face many problems if someone stole it.

The Insurance Information Institute (III) in the United States has reported that there is at least one case of auto theft every 40.9 seconds in the United States. However, the number of cases of the theft of things in the car is difficult to measure. Moreover, you must know that there is little chance of finding your stolen car no matter what.

Tips To Save Your Car from Theft

With the advancement of auto technology, thieves are using advanced techniques to steal cars, such as smart keys. After stealing the car, they can also change the identification numbers of vehicles so that no one can detect it later. So, it indicated that it is difficult to control auto theft..

If you want to protect your car, it is necessary to adopt some preventive measures. Here are a few tips to help you save yourself from such a situation.

1.    Secure your vehicle identification number

Ensure the vehicle identification number (VIN) is visible on your car from the outside. So, if anyone finds it anywhere, they can report it immediately. Thieves usually avoid the car with visible identification too because they must modify them before reselling your car.

Keep a copy of VIN saved in your access so that you can share it immediately with the police or car insurance provider in the case of the theft.

2.    Have a Private Garage

It is better to get a private garage to keep your car safe. You can lock it up and add to your vehicle’s security. You can install modern locks and cameras to add hurdles to thieves’ access to your car.

Thieves are reluctant to steal from non-accessible places because they can get in great trouble. It will also keep the car away from the sight of other people. Even if you don’t have a private garage, you must choose a well-lit place with tight security for maximum protection.

3.    Keep Your Keys Safe

You may think or leave your car keys in the ignition when you want to grab something quickly from the store. It is an easy mark for the thieves as they can break the window and move away quickly. Never try to leave your car unattended and unlocked, even for a short time.

Many people try to hide a spare key in the car at the places they consider to be hidden. At the same time, thieves know better where they have to look for an extra key. It is better to get locked out of your car than to keep it at the risk of being stolen.

4.    Install A Car Alarm System

The car alarm system is the best way to protect your car from theft. Many cars have pre-installed systems. If yours does not have any, there are many places where you can get these anti-theft systems at a reasonable price.

IF YOU ARE IN Texas, our professionals at Katy Car Audio can help you find the perfect vehicle system. The system will warn you by emitting a loud sound if someone tries to break into your car.

5.    Install A Tracking System

The tracking devices are easily available in the market. These devices can record where and when someone has driven your car. Immediately contact a professional to install this system in your car perfectly.

This system uses GPS technology to locate your car. You can connect it to your smartphone to find the location of your car anywhere at any time.

Image: Car Tracking System

6.    Be Cautious

Leaving your valuables in the car is discouraged as they can attract thieves. If it is necessary to leave, ensure that such things are not visible from the outside. Load your valuables in a safer place so no one can figure them out.

Be alert to the people in your surroundings. If you observe something unusual, park your car somewhere else or inform the security officials. Double-check if your car is locked properly before parking it.

Things To Do If You Have Lost Your Car

If you cannot find your vehicle, inform the police and your car insurance company immediately. Furthermore, you must know the following details of your car to provide it to the concerned authority:

  • Model, manufacturing date, and color of your vehicle
  • License plate number
  • VIN

Final Words

Car theft is common everywhere around the globe. It is necessary to follow the above tips to provide maximum security to your vehicle. If you want to install any system in your car, it is necessary to do it professionally, especially if it interferes with your car’s wiring.

We at Katy Car Audio are always at your service to help you buy the best systems for your car. Contact us now to get complete guidance.


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