What is the difference between automotive styling and auto detailing?

What is the difference between automotive styling and auto detailing?

Automotive Styling and Auto Detailing


 If you have ever wondered the difference between automotive styling and auto detailing, this blog is for you. When we search out these terms, it might feel similar on some levels. But that is not the case. So let’s clear that confusion here. 

What Is Automotive Styling? 

Automobile designing/styling improves the look and ergonomics of motor vehicles such as cars, motorbikes, trucks, buses, coaches, and vans. It is a procedure that concentrates on repairing major problems, both externally and inwardly. 

While talking about automotive styling, it is also important to remember an important point. That using styling and designing synonymously in the auto industry is quite natural. 

Automobile stylists primarily focus on the vehicle’s look at the exterior. They employ clay models, drawings, and graphic models to develop customer-friendly style and design. 

The problem for the vehicle interior designer is to put all of the car’s components together while retaining its looks and comfort. Designers are also responsible for choosing the vehicle’s various components, such as cloth, plastic, and metal, and the trim package. 

A trim package is a collection of automotive adornments such as paint schemes, bumpers, wood trimmings, and so on. Automotive designers start with hand-drawn designs, then employ CAD (computer-aided design), an advanced 3d program, to turn their ideas into computer-rendered graphics. However, they are merely the first phases in the complete creative process, and they are insufficient to assess a vehicle or truck’s design thoroughly. 

The next stage is to flesh out their original concepts by exhibiting them in the actual world. To do so, designers cut scale models out of industrial plasticine, a form of clay. 

A full-size model is eventually carved to convey the appearance and feel of the final design. Implementation of utilizing scale models for aerodynamics testing, besides aesthetic concerns, can be seen. 

What is Auto Detailing? 

On the other hand, auto detailing is a process that keeps a vehicle in the greatest possible condition, mostly aesthetic rather than mechanical. Achievement of this is by eliminating both visible and invisible pollutants from the car’s interior and polishing the exterior to its original blemish-free state. 

It is the process of thoroughly cleaning both the inside and outside of a vehicle, restoring the exterior and inside, and even repairing and avoiding scratches. While anybody may detail a car by cleaning it as thoroughly as they can on the interior and exterior. 

Performing professional details by a skilled detailer using the proper procedures and high-quality supplies is the requirement. Professional detailers frequently prepare bundles and pricing for the services they want to provide in advance. 

Services available for Auto Detailing Cleaning and repairing the outside and inside of a car can be included in auto detailing. 

Services for Auto Detailing

The following are the services available in the market for auto detailing: 

Paint repair 

It is a procedure for removing faults in the top layer of a vehicle’s paintwork. Such as dull paint or oxidation. Most detailers use a rotary machine polisher to get the greatest paint correction.

Ceramic Coating

It is a liquid polymer applied to the outside of a vehicle to provide a protective layer; this is frequently used as a high-end wax substitute. 

Glass Cleaning

Cleaning the windshield and windows is referred to as glass cleaning. 

Paint Claying

After the automobile has been washed, a clay bar is used to remove any pollutants, overspray, or residue. Claying creates a cleaner, smoother surface and helps polish and wax work more effectively. 


Polishing removes thin layers of clear coat by buffing an abrasive substance over the car’s paint. Small scratches and swirls in the paint vanish as a result of this. 

Leather Trimming 

Any leather items in the vehicle are cleaned with a leather cleaning and soap. 


To leave a car smelling clean and new, many detailers spray a deodorant into the inside. 


To remove debris, the seats, carpets and mats, headliner, rear cargo area, and trunk are vacuumed. Scrubbing and brushing are used to remove stains from carpets and matting on the floor. 

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is more effective in eliminating difficult stains from carpets and seats. 

Exterior wash and drying

This is a hand-washing and drying technique. The detailer will use specialist materials to spray and wipe off the car’s body. This includes the rims, door handles, and glass, which should all be washed by hand. 

Sealing or waxing

A sealer is applied to the car’s paint to give it a glossy sheen and a protective coating. Wax can be utilized in various instances. 

On the other hand, auto body shops often specialize in body repairs such as bumper and fender replacements, broken windows, and so on. Painting repairs the machinery (engine, transmission, brakes, etc). 


In the end, a body shop is a place to go if your car is ruined. It requires extensive aesthetic work, replacement parts, or engine and gearbox tunes. A detailer is the best option if your car needs to be cleaned or if the paint has scratches or fading.

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