When to Replace Your Car’s Audio System

When to Replace Your Car’s Audio System

Sometimes the best therapy is a long drive and loud music.

But what happens when in need this therapy you grab your car keys and drive off only to realize there is something quite not right with the music system? You fiddle with the settings to no avail, the problem persists. It doesn’t get better over the next few days and now you know something is wrong. But is it serious? In this blog, we’ll tell you what to look for and when to replace your car’s audio system.

When It Was Low Quality to Start With…

It’s sad but true.

Some car makes come with audio systems that leave a lot of room for improvement and over the course of ownership and use, the system dies an almost natural, if early death.

The low-quality system the sound would never have been great, to begin with. High notes, bass and everything in between wouldn’t have sounded quite like they should, and this is something you won’t realize until you replace the mediocre with the amazing!

If this is the case, you’ll not just replace the main head, you’ll need to replace and upgrade the amplifier and the speakers too.

Remember to replace all the speakers together. If you have four speakers fitted, change all four of them at the same time for optimal sound quality.

When There’s No Sound …

You know the speakers are blown when you can’t hear much even at full volume, or when you can’t feel any vibrations meaning from the speaker when you place a hand on it.

Alternately, no sound could also be because the amplifier is blown.

When There Are Upgrades…

The car’s audio system consists of three main parts: the head unit, the amp and the speaker.

Technology is advancing really quickly and there are regular upgrades to cars’ audio systems. If there is a stereo system update that’ll amp up (pun intended!) your driving experience, go for it!

When You Won’t Settle for Vanilla…

In a world of unlimited possibilities, a factory-fitted stereo system is as unremarkable as plain vanilla ice cream. Mix and match different components in your car’s audio system, just as you would for a triple scoop ice cream cone!

You can upgrade a car’s audio system to your specifications. Change the head unit, and the amp, add a sub-woofer and then add another amp dedicated to that sub-woofer!

There are no limits to upgrading your car’s audio system, to the point that it gets completely replaced piece by piece! Just remember, like in everything else more money does not mean better sound.

There you have them, four perfectly good reasons to replace your car’s audio system. A couple of reasons make the replacement a must, while the others are for your personal satisfaction.

You can now return to therapeutic drives with loud music and get more therapy per mile because you knew when to replace your car audio system and of course, the new sound system you’ve installed is just that much better!



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