Why Seat Belts Are Important While Driving?

Why Seat Belts Are Important While Driving?

Seat belts play a vital role in protecting the life of passengers during driving or in a severe collision. Drivers who wear a seatbelt can experience minimum injury in case of an accident, as compared to the drivers who neglect the importance of seatbelts. Not only this but one can have to pay a higher penalty for not fulfilling the responsibility of wearing seatbelts. In this article, we will tell you all about seatbelts, their safety importance, advance safety tips and tricks, and other child restraints.  


Here is some safety importance that you must consider before driving:

  1. Seatbelts can protect the passenger from bouncing:

The basic purpose of seatbelts is to restrict the movement of car passengers and hold them in one position. In case of a car accident, usually car tends to stop within the first tenth of a second but as you are also moving with the same speed, you must need dashboard or steering in order to stop you. In this case, if you are wearing a seatbelt, it will protect you from bouncing around and hitting the car surfaces. 

  1. Seat Belts can save you by 50%:

Yes, it is true. It has been observed that seatbelts can protect the driver and other passengers in a car collision by 50% from severe injuries, as compared to those who do not wear seatbelts. Although it might seem frustrating to wear seatbelts during a long drive, it can save you from mistakes by the drivers who are neither expert in driving nor tend to follow the rules and regulations of driving.  


Here are some advance safety tips regarding the importance of seatbelt:

  1. Air bags are not the substitute of seatbelt:

Don’t forget to wear seatbelts if your vehicle has an airbag, because airbags can’t be considered as a substitute for seat belts. Both seatbelts and airbags work in conjunction. Seatbelt restricts the movement of passengers and hold them in one place while airbag slows the movement of the driver with minimum harm at the time of the collision. It is therefore important to not ignore the importance of seatbelt no matter how expensive your car is and how many advanced features it has. 

  1. It is important to wear the seatbelt correctly:

The basic purpose of the seatbelt is to protect two important and sensitive areas of your body that are brain and spinal cord. It is therefore important to wear the seatbelt correctly and never let the strap to fall on your neck, face and on the area behind your back and underarms. Seatbelts should be buckled correctly in order to fulfill its desired purpose.  


Children don’t tend to sit peacefully in the car as adults do, especially toddlers. Therefore extra protection is required in order to protect children in case of an accident. Nowadays, seat belts are designed according to the age of children, for example, it is suggested to put a rear-facing seat belt for the children below the age of 1 year, a forward-facing seat belt for the children above 1 year and for 4 years and onwards children should ride in booster seats. It is recommended to let your child sit in the rear seat until he reaches the age of 13. 


There is a rule to wear seat belts in almost all the countries but still, many drivers seem to abide by this rule and drive without seatbelts. Don’t neglect your responsibility of wearing a seatbelt when you are traveling for a short distance, it has been observed that almost 75% of collisions occur within 25 miles from home. 


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