How to Protect your Car in Summer?

How to Protect your Car in Summer?


With the summer approaching, everyone is getting ready to deal with the harsh weather. In this season, sun exposure becomes unbearable. So, we make many adjustments to deal with it, from food to clothes. Like us, the high temperature and the dazzling sun’s rays also affect the things around us.

Our cars are our valuable possessions. The sun’s rays cause a lot of damage to it. So, before the summer starts, prepare to bear the hot weather. This blog by Katy Kar Audio includes some effective tips to protect your car in the summer. Therefore, prepare to make some changes for your car’s protection and have a safe drive.

How Does the High Temperature Damage the cars?

The high temperature, along with the UV rays, damages the interior and exterior badly. With the constant rays falling upon the car, the paint chipping looks disastrous to the cars. The upholstery becomes a lot duller.

Protect the Car in summer

Moreover, you can observe cracks on the dashboard and other parts of the car. Simply put, the shine and luster of your new car turn into a drab and old-looking car. To prevent all these things, follow the simple tips below.

Protection of the Car in Summer

In summer, some parts of your car and car usage require extra care. It will help you to avoid the accidents that result from neglecting the cars in summer. So, let’s go through the simplest ways to protect your car in harsh summers.

Get a Shady Place to Park your Car

Even if you are running late to your work, find a shady spot to park your car. Avoid sun exposure to the car as much as you can. Parking the car in exposed sunlight for a long time means more damage to the upholstery as well as the exterior of the car. Discoloration of the leather seats occurs.

However, sunshades can provide some protection if you cannot find the spot and there is no way around it. Sunshades are the best way to block sun rays from entering the car. However, the exterior of the car is still exposed and damaged.

Protection of the Car’s Exterior

Things like sunshades can only protect the exterior of your car. The exterior keeps on being affected by the rays approaching it. To protect your car from it, get your car painted with high-quality paint before the summer starts. We recommend you go for long-lasting urethane paint that does not fade out easily.

Waxing the car is another commonly applied practice. Our professionals, with their tremendous experience, have concluded that wax on the car reflects ultraviolet rays. S is a good way to protect it from heating by reflecting the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them.

Window Tinting

In Katy, people spend much time behind the car’s steering wheel every year. However, in summer, things get a lot of change. Heat gets built up in the car and makes driving harder. Moreover, the car’s interior is affected badly. Window tinting is the best way to protect your car in high temperatures.

Window tinting blocks more than 90% of the sun rays from reaching inside the car. Along with it, the car’s temperature becomes low even at a high temperature. It reduces glare, which prevents accidents on the road. You can get our services at Katy Kar Audio to apply the window tinting films on your car from our professional team.

Check the Tyre Pressure

The car tires are the most neglected part of the car. Unluckily, car owners pay a lot for car servicing and neglect this important part of the car. We must know the importance of the pressure in the car tyre.

On hot days, the low pressure can lead to the bursting of the car tyres. Make sure that the car pressure is between 3 to 5 psi. Examine the car tyres frequently during the summer to observe any wearing of the tyres. Replace them as soon as you can if needed.

Keep the Car Clean

With the high temperature and hot wind blowing, dirt particles and dust frequently built up on the car’s surface. These small particles cause minor scratches on the surface of the car. If you neglect it for a long time, too many micro scratches destroy the entire look of the car.

Therefore, it is necessary to remove the dust and dirt from the car at regular intervals. Regular washing of the car can help a lot. It delays the premature aging of the car, and it remains new and bright for a long time.

Car Maintenance

Car maintenance is much easier than the need to go to the mechanic repeatedly for repairing. Make sure that the cooling system of the car is all right. Change the car fluids regularly and top it off to the recommended level.

All these climate conditions and car systems put a lot of stress on the battery. It would be best to regularly refer the professional to ensure they are working properly. It is better to go for a weekly or monthly examination of the car to keep everything at the perfect level.

Final Words

Summer is harsh and unbearable to some extent. However, little effort and consistency can free your driving experience from interruption and disturbance. Car maintenance and some necessary add-ons, including window tinting and waxing, can protect your car’s interior and exterior. So, by being careful, your car will retain its value.


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