Quality Audio Installation in Katy

Quality Audio Installation in Katy

Quality Audio Installation in Katy


Many people like to listen to some good music and tunes during their journeys. However, a pre-installed audio system in the cars is never enough to give them a good experience. So, quality Audio Installation is the best thing they can do. It also increases the value of your car during reselling procedures. 

Installing the audio system in your car is full of challenges, like getting the best equipment for your vehicle. The price is always unpredictable to buy and install the audio system in the car. Professionals at Katy Car Audio are always at your service to help you in such circumstances.

Cheap Vs. Expensive Audio System

When it comes to the quality of an audio system, you can only expect the things you have paid for it. Cheap products are never trustable and consequently, you may face problems like low-quality audio. The expensive audio systems are trustable and can do a better job.

When buying an audio system and getting it installed, the first thing to consider is knowing what you want. It is useless to spend a huge amount on unwanted things. Hence be sure about your requirements before going through the process of buying a new audio system.

What is the Cost to Install a Quality Car Audio System?

The cost of buying and installing a car audio system depends on the system’s quality. It may range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. A high-quality audio system will cost you a bit more, but it will enhance your traveling experience in your vehicle.

With a better budget, you can go for a quality audio installation in your vehicle. Installation of an audio system is an even harder task. Some people try to do it on their own by watching YouTube tutorials. It can result in chaos in most cases. You need to hire professionals to get your work done safely. They will charge you according to audio system parts and your vehicle. The cost that comes with installing an audio system in your vehicle can be divided into the amount you are going to pay for

  1. Buying parts of an audio system
  2. Installation of an audio system

In Katy, Katy Car Audio is well-known for selling top-rated audio systems from the best manufacturers like JVC, Kenwood, and Pioneer. The products are available for all kinds of vehicles at a reasonable price. Professionals are there to help you get the best for you within your budget through their guaranteed services.

Parts of a Car Audio System

Three main components of a car audio system. These are:

  1. Stereo
  2. Speaker
  3. Amplifier
    1. Stereo

Stereo is an essential part of a car audio system. It is also the head unit of an audio system in any vehicle. Stereo has adjustable settings to improve the desired audio quality to make your journeys enjoyable. 

The features of the head unit vary according to the quality you have chosen for your vehicle. You should consider the one that is easy to use with its wide range of functions. You must know about the required features before buying and installing a stereo receiver in the car.

Image: Stereo (Pioneer DXT-S1169UB)

Nowadays, people prefer touchscreen units as they are easy to use while driving. Some high-quality stereos can also be activated through their voice input features. A stereo can connect to your phone to play media on it and also has a USB port to play media on your USB. 

You can also tune your favorite radio channel and get an enjoyable driving experience. These features are not present in the cheaper systems. Prices may vary from 200 to 1000 dollars for buying stereo receivers from top-rated companies.

  1. Speaker

After the head unit, the speaker is the second most essential component of an audio system. The speakers with higher wattage are powerful enough to produce a high-quality sound. However the pre-installed speakers in a car have only approximately 10watts RMS top. It is not desirable for most people.  

Usually, at higher frequencies, sound becomes distorted and interrupted. It ruins your mood and affects your whole day. With the best quality speakers, the sound of media becomes clear even at a higher frequency. You can buy some best speakers at prices ranging from 200 to 500 dollars from the top brands like Focal, Kicker, etc.

Image: Speakers (JVC Car Speakers)

  1. Amplifiers

Some people love to enjoy high-quality music with their beats. So, a good amplifier amplifies the sound from your speaker but does not affect the sound quality. Especially if you love to listen to music, driving you will need an amplifier in your car.

Many stereos have a built-in amplifier in them. But the drawback of such amplifiers is that the sound quality is not as much higher as you expect it to be. In addition, professionals always recommend people to buy an external amplifier with the best quality for a better experience.

Image: Amplifier (Pioneer GM-A47044-channel car amplifier — 40 watts RMS x 4)

The amplifier you choose for your car must have enough potential to go well with the speaker. Therefore, manufacturers like Rockford Fosgate, Crutchfield, etc., are there to provide their customers with the best quality amplifiers at about 1000 dollars.


In conclusion, for an audiophile, the company-installed audio system will never do the job. However, there are many companies to help you buy and install your desirable and quality audio system in your vehicle. Besides at Katy Car Audio, experts are at your service to help you enjoy your music without any interference. As a result of a new audio system, you will enjoy your driving experience.


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