What are the types of window tinting, which one is the best?

What are the types of window tinting, which one is the best?

Types of Window Tinting


Window tinting includes applying thin and transparent window film on the inner side of the car windows. Undoubtedly it is the best way to give your car an aesthetic and outstanding look. However, its benefits are a lot more than that. Window tinting protects the interior of the car and driver from damage and keeps it new for a long time. It also keeps the temperature of the car bearable during the summers.

There are many types of windows tinting available at different prices. You can choose any of these according to budget and local laws. The Katy Car Audio professionals are familiar with the laws and provide you with the best experience.

Six Best Types of Window Tinting

You can be confused about choosing the best type of window tinting out of so many options. Below are some of the best types and their benefits to make your search even easier. 

  1. Dyed Window Tinting

If you do not want to spend much money on window tinting, dyed window tinting is the best option. It includes the application of many layers of dyed films that blocks the sunlight. You can choose the shade according to your need. The perfectly applied dyed window films can block up to 50 to 60% of lights rays from entering your car.

Dyed window tinting creates an opaque appearance and protects your privacy inside the car. The disadvantage of the dyed film is that it does not provide the best level of protection from ultraviolet radiation. The tint also fades with time, but you can replace it easily.

  1. Metalized Window Tinting

Metalized window tint consists of the tiny metallic particles embedded in the film. These particles are invisible but reflect most of the sunlight invading your vehicle. Several layers of the window film are applied. The type of window film is highly scratch resistant and protects your vehicle’s window from shattering in an accident. 

This window tinting blocks the heat waves and ultraviolet radiation, giving the vehicle and driver maximum protection. It also reduces glare and is more durable than dyed window tinting. The only disadvantage of metalized window tinting is that it blocks the phone’s signals. It costs a little more than the previous type.

  1. Hybrid Window Tinting 

This type of window tinting combines the benefits of both dyed and metalized window films. Their disadvantages are reduced to the minimum. Both types are mixed to reflect sunlight and provide privacy to everyone in the car.

The heat is blocked, which keeps the temperature of the vehicle lower. Otherwise, using an air conditioner can drain a lot of fuel. The metallic content is less so; the phones work properly. It is the best time for window tinting that you can get by spending a limited amount.

  1. Ceramic Window Tinting

 When it comes to the cost of window tinting, ceramic window tinting is surely an expensive option. The high-quality window film with great benefits matches perfectly with its price. Ceramic particles are embedded in the window film. Unlike metalized film, the ceramic film does not block the phone signals.

Ceramic window tinting is reliable and reduces glare to the minimum. Blocking UV radiation keeps the driver safe from harmful effects like skin cancer and eye damage. The strong ceramic film protects the windows in an accident. It also makes the visibility of the driver clear on the road.

  1. Cardon Window Tinting

Carbon window tinting is the best type of window film preferred by most drivers. It works at its best to block sunlight. The upholstery remains safe and intact for years. The carbon film is best for its insulating nature and reduces heat entry by 40 percent.

The interior of the vehicle remains cool, which reduces the use of an air conditioner. So, it reduces fuel consumption, which helps you to save some extra money. The only drawback of carbon tinting is that it is more costly than all the other types of window tinting. But its benefits are definitely worth the amount you will pay for your safe journey.

  1. Crystalline Window Tinting

Do you want to benefit from window tinting but do not like a darker window? The crystalline window tinting is the best option for you. Although it does not provide you with the same privacy as the other films do, it works like them. 

Crystalline window films are transparent, unlike other types. The blockage of UV radiation, heat, and light waves keeps the person and upholstery safe and protected. These are easy to apply and do not interfere with the car’s systems.


Window tinting is the best way to give your car a fresh-looking and new look for many years. It gives the best value to your car even after a long period of purchasing. Above are the best types of window tinting. All the types vary according to their qualities and price. 

Hybrid window tinting is the best option if you are ready to pay some extra money. You can also go for others. Decide on any of them according to your budget and requirements. Consult the professional from Katy Car Audio to choose the best type of window film and their application.


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